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United Fairfax Travel, An American Express Travel Representative - 703 591 3544 - reservations@ufxtravel.com

UFX Travel, An American Express Travel Representative

United Fairfax Travel (UFX) is an American Express Travel representative based out of the Washington DC Metro Area. UFX has been a long standing member of the Fairfax, Virginia community - over 20years servicing non profits, government contractors, foreign embassies, and various commercial businesses.


UFX is excited to connect government and industry renowned talent with our cherished customers. Our American Express Travel Insiders are internationally acclaimed and go through a yearly process of recertification with American Express to ensure they are at the top leading advisors of their destinations.  These experts bring over 30years of travel expertise and knowledge. 


UFX Travel is proud to partner with ultra luxury cruise liner, Silversea Cruises, to offer a spectacular cruise line experience. Silversea Cruises is winner of the 2014 'Best Luxury Cruise" from Travel Channel.com (US) and HRM Asia Readers' Choice Awards (Singapore - 2014) for "Best Luxury Corporate Cruise Liner". Amongst other accolades, the company is a family owned business with travel to over 800 prime destinations.


*Note* - we do not conduct foreign currency exchange transactions.


UFX Travel
9864 Main Street
Fairfax, Virginia 22031


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